Version 4

I’ve been commissioned to paint a portrait of these beautiful two little girls.  I decided to share the progress on the painting on this blog, mainly because I’ve found that other people are always interested in seeing the progression of a painting.  There’s another reason for sharing, and it’s one of a personal nature.  I want to force myself to be accountable.  Knowing someone is waiting to see the headway, I’ll be forcing myself to work on the painting.

I’m writing a book and it’s hard for me to commit to another project at this time.  I do love painting as much as I’m loving writing my book.  In fact,  I’ve been having images come into my mind lately that are so inviting, I’ve wondered if I can figure out a way to make the time to paint again and write at the same time.  Maybe that’s why this opportunity came to me on the heels of those thoughts of me in the studio, painting more freely than I have before.  This is my challenge.  This is my chance to bring into being something my heart has been obviously craving.

I’ve always been open to challenges.  They’ve always proven to be growth accelerators.  There was a time when I was drawing from live models with a group of other artists using pencil and paper.  I’d erase a line that didn’t seem right, opening more thoughts about  what was wrong.  The thoughts would escalate until everything about the drawing was wrong.  Drawing became frustrating.

Then, a brilliant idea came to me.  If I drew with a pen, something with which I couldn’t erase, I’d have to be committed to finishing the drawing.  I wouldn’t be able to go back.  I’d have to consistently move forward.

That’s when my drawings began to take on a life of their own.  Using pen and ink forced me to be attentive each moment, to commit myself and go with it.  Even mistakes became opportunities to new fresh approaches.

So, I’m intending to move forward with this project.  I appreciate this chance to force myself to become what I need to be to make something I want happen, and I thank you for helping me.

I may not be able to post the next couple of weeks due to a trip I’m taking.  Please stay tuned in to the first of my posts on my progress coming up soon.


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