New Beginnings


I chose this painting to go along with sharing a new beginning that’s occurring in my writing right now.  First, the painting.  I painted Bosque del Apache right after a divorce and a move to a new apartment.  Whenever I go through major changes in my life, I find myself wanting to experience new beginnings.  This painting is a result of having bought two new gessoes, one gold, the other red oxide. The cranes are coming to nestle for the night at this location they come to every year during their migration.  I’d painted with metallic paints before, but just as decorative touches.  In this painting, the gold gesso is the predominant color.  It’s a departure from how I’ve always painted, and the first of several I experimented the new gessoes with, therefore it is a new beginning.

Now to the writing.  As I’ve written on my blog, I’m in the midst of writing a memoir.  I was almost finished when several serendipitous happenings caught my attention.  First a friend of mine texted a website for authors to me, sharing that she’d read not to write in a passive voice.  I then went on Amazon to look for a new book to read, and, somehow, I was directed on my computer to a full screen view of a new Oprah selection.  The book is a memoir and is titled “Love Warrior.”  I figured if that book had appeared in such a strange and powerful way to me, I better read it.  I loved the writing in this book so much, I felt jealous.

Then I pulled up my book on my computer to check for places where I’d used a passive voice.  I found some examples, but what blew me away is that for the first time, I saw that I’d been writing my book in the past tense, while the book I felt jealous of is written in the present.  Aha! I say to myself.

Now I’m starting my book over, tackling a new beginning.  I’m finding myself writing more authentically, becoming more honest, and getting new ideas of what to include to say what I want more powerfully.  The present tense is forcing me to “tell it like it is”.  I’m having fun, and the work feels more like play.  I’ve found my voice.

I’ll share some of the book later.  In the meantime I’d really appreciate any comments and I would love to answer any questions you might have.  It would really help me to know what interests you most.

Until later, thank you for visiting my blog,

Love, Doretta






One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. I am responding to your post called “New Beginnings.” Your painting of Bosque del Apache is breathtaking! It expresses so much emotion. And your use of color is extraordinary. I have experienced many new beginnings in my life. Those are the times that bring me back home to myself – more than any other times. I appreciate hearing about the serendipitous happenings in your life. It helps me distinguish the serendipitous happenings in my life. Can’t wait to hear more about your book!


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