When You’re Down, Get Up!


The reason I haven’t written is because I’ve been busy dealing with unexpected circumstances.  I had two operations in one month, in June, and then July.  The first one was on one of my eyes to alleviate the dryness.  The second was to operate on one of the arteries in my right leg to increase the blood flow to my foot.  Both of the operations went well, but, since then, there have been complications.

After all that, after having to stay in bed recuperating, I had an accident that totaled my car.  I wasn’t hurt and no one in the bus that hit me was hurt either.  When it happened, my daughter informed me that bad stuff happens in threes, so I’m hoping to turn my misfortune around now.  Whoever heard of someone dealing with a fourth, or (God forbid!) fifth event happening that compromised their lives?  Right?  When You’re Down, You Get Up.  

I’m not going anywhere.  I Am determined, dedicated, and delightfully planning to rise above all that’s happened and to forge the opening of new roads to succeed at this blog and my writing and painting.  A side note:  These happenstances I experienced, one right after another, got me in touch with how much I’ve been procrastinating, how valuable my time is, and how much I want to do all I can now.  To that end,  I’ve made a commitment to myself to come back better than ever.

The painting above is the last painting I finished.  It’s a Ketuba, a Jewish marriage contract that a couple about to be married commissioned me to do.  It depicts spring into summer, a time when plants and flowers burst forth in their glory, and, in the center of all that is my conviction to make this blog, my writing and art, the focus of a relationship that grows and expands, just like in a marriage.  After the fall, the getting up is making a big, huge difference in how I perceive my life.


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