New Beginnings

00000019_IMG_0019I just completed the first page of the new draft for my book, Tell Me What Love Is.   I began a new draft  because of a book I bought on writing memoirs,  Naked, Drunk and Writing by Adair Lara.

The original idea I had for my book was that, through key past experiences of mine, I would show how beliefs and judgments over those events caused me to shut down any hope for happiness, and, how, through realizing the truth and doing the work to clear those thoughts in the way, I felt more powerful and unlimited.  The trouble was that I read that only famous people have the right to write a full biography.  I’m not famous.  At least, not yet.

The more I read about memoir, the more I realized that that genre served my purposes perfectly.  The story in a memoir is driven by emotion and that’s exactly what I’d been conveying in my first draft.  Thoughts are results of emotions and thoughts lead us to form beliefs and judgments that usually are just fear and not the truth.

You may be wondering about the title of my book.  Well, Tell Me What Love Is is the question that drove me on my quest.  Searching for the answer to that question led me to risk, getting out of my comfort zone.  What kept me going, never giving up, was that the more adventurous I got, the more material I had for a book I’d write.

That book is what I’ll be sharing on this blog.  Please feel free to ask questions, share comments, or give opinions.  I welcome any input.  You’ll be helping me immensely, so thank you for contributing!

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